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KOSAA / HELLHEAVEN 07 / Flow / dj mix recorded at radiokapitał 15.03.24 @tomkosaa

Now you’ve absorbed it into your system
Now that you’ve allowed it to be true
Now that you’ve neutralised it, made it safe, made it yours
Repeat it, distort it, improve it, update it
Slightly change it

ABSIS - Molecular Vibration
Esteban Miranda - Primer Elemento - Dark Forest
Javier Salazar - Kandahar- Rhythms and modulations
Tammo Hesselink - Nut Wandel - Midgar
KOSAA - unreleased
Linear System & Yrsen - Fractal Shift - Edit Select
MHS - Closure - DECODE
Anders (BR) - Emblema
Linear System & Yrsen - Fractal Shift 2 - Edit Select
MHS - Drone - DECODE
Norbak - Malta 6AM - HAYES
Linear System & Yrsen - Echoes of Oblivion
Wirrwarr - Void The C​-​Stem (VSK Remix) Nachtstrom
Alliyah Enyo - when my mind is quiet i drift 2 u *water2wine*


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