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KOSAA / HELLHEAVEN 03 / The Universe-  Radio Kapitał 24.11.2023 @tomkosaa

The universe is part of a vast brain, the stars the firing of the brain cells, each a visualization of the bark of a dog. I.e. when a dog barks, the response of the ear of the sky is a star; when a dog howls, the response is the Moon. The sky is a cup of tea, which the Earth drinks every day, then at night inverts the cup to read the leaves. The Sun is the ejaculation of the penis in the vagina of the universe. The stars are the sperms searching for the eggs of moons. The sky is a lens of air magnifying a single atom of itself.

Alva Noto_ Xerrox Monophaser 3_ Raster Noton
Rikkar_ Access to an Unknown Dimension_ HUDF​.​YD3_II
Afriqua_ Melamed_ R&S Records
RHR_ 69_ Rhrmusiq
Abstract Division_ Aftermath_ JUST THIS
Wellengang_ Metropolis_ Artefakt
Planetary Assault Systems_ Serc_ Future Modular
Allen_ Habitable zone_ Axis
Allen_ Radio Wave Emissions (The 20th Century)_ Axis
OPL & Worg_ Macula Lutea_ Rhizome
CL-Ljud & Pheek_ Pomeriggio Soleggiato_ EDO
Tin Man_ Depthy Acid (Foreign Material Remix)_ Acid Friend
Rikkar_ Lowfrequency Orbital_ HUDF​.​YD3_II
Murcof_ Cosmos II_ Leaf


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