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LAB is a place of creative exploration of kinetic/generative abstract art and music or sound set in relation to each other. It consists of snippets of visual elements, design, sound, audiovisual performances and installations made by KOSAA in collaboration with other creatives.


The sun

Manually controlled particle cloud floating in space. Input signal: midi, math, colour spectrum, audio spectrum.

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Audio reactive noise

Audio reactive noise controlled by selected sound frequencies / midi.

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Audio spectrum map

OPS used – audiospectrum / analyse / trail / match / geo / render

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The sphere 02

OPS used – sphere / noise / edge / feedback / level / transform

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The matrix 01

form, width, density

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Blurry Heaven

stretching, moving, blurring

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The octopus

The main idea is to show interesting animated shape as decorative page background, with some subtle interactivity

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The sphere 01

The Sphere is a semi-generative model using chance operations to assign dots and connections with the coordinates in 3d space linked with the sound affecting the movement.

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