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KOSAA / HELLHEAVEN 06 / Earendel - dj mix recorded at radiokapitał 16.02.24 @tomkosaa

WHL0137-LS, also known as Earendel, is a star in the constellation of Cetus. This one hour dj mix is a journey through the sonic aspects of the techno cosmos, its dimensions and frequencies.

Malcolm Pardon - Regis meets 'Blood In Water'
KOSAA - unreleased
Sabla - Flusso IV
K.O.P. 32 - Now
DSCRD - Interitum
Planetary Assault Systems - Revolution One
Lidvall - Overdosed
Varell - Exhalation
Birth Of Frequency - Vermillion 04 - WSNW
Planetary Assault Systems - Sonar Falls
Rommek - Subsist
Jnks - Diagram
Jonas Kopp - Shibu
Eric Fetcher - Index
Varell - Alternative Illusion
Varell - Vision
Lidvall - Bilbao


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